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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome + Blood Pressure Medicine?

I've have CTS (getting worse) + high blood pressure. I was wondering if anybody knew/tried of a blood pressure medicine that might help with the CTS? I read right on a few sites that lack of blood flow to the fingers/wrist area might attribute to worsening CTS.

I would assume the BP drug would be in the Calcium Channel Blockers (CCB) family and I wanted to see if anybody had this help?

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replied March 12th, 2009
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I would suggest that you might want to ask the doctor this question...I, too, have CTS and find that aging could inhibit the flow of blood to our limbs...Seeing our hands are near our heart, I would hesitate thinking this, but who knows...It could be true...

Kind of something that you live with as you age...

Take care,
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