i had my top of ring finger emputated i had surger on it the took skin draft from my wrist which looks sort of ok after a few weeks my finger and arm were going numb and ny wrist was hurting.i found out that i had carpatunnel could that have come from the surgery of my finger ?
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replied July 22nd, 2012
Just had surgery CTS on left hand 4 days ago...I have been playing gutar and other instrments for over 40 years! I was plaing in extreme pain and uncomfortable circumstances...Had the best hand surgeon in the area perform it and said it was severe, but looked like it was gonna heal just fine. I still have numbness in my thumb,index and middle fingers...does it go away??Doc says yes, bur I'm gettin impatientanyone out there been here??
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replied August 6th, 2012
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The rate of recovery usually depends upon how long your symptoms had been present and how severely the nerve was compressed.

In some cases, patients may notice a significant decrease in discomfort fairly quickly, but the numbness and tingling may take a little while to resolve, especially if it had been present for a long while before the surgery.

One thing of note, if you have any muscle atrophy due to the median nerve compression, that usually does not resolve. Muscle atrophy is a sign of severe nerve compression, and is usually, permanent.

The sensory fibers of the nerve are the most sensitive and as such are the first ones affected. So, they usually return fairly quickly after the transverse carpal ligament is released and the compression is taken off of the nerve. But, again, that depends upon how severely the nerve has been compressed and for how long.

Nerves are delicate and finicky structures. They do not take injury well and can at times, have an unpredictable course of recovery.

Hopefully you will recover you sensation completely, but it may take a while (if you have had the symptoms for a while).

Good luck. Hope you return to your music playing very soon.
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