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Caregiver having hernia surgery

My Mom is having to have Hernia surgery that is directly related to her 24/7 care giving for her home bound husband. She is 79 years old. My siblings and I have felt for awhile that she is doing too much. But because of a host of issues she is unable to hire help for his care. She has some medical people in the home for his shower, nurse a couple of times a week. But all else is on her. She also has a torn rotatory cuff. My concern is this, she went to the surgeon today for his evaluation on surgery for the hernia, we spoke on the phone later on after her apt. and she says the Dr. told her she could "Go back to square one" after her recovery. Frankly I am shocked. I am not sure if she gave home the whole picture? or if he just felt she would heal fine and to carry on as she was before? Which if she was not at risk with her care giving, she would not be having surgery. I could use some advice as a daughter on how to deal with this.
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replied January 14th, 2009
Extremely eHealthy
Is it possible for you to speak with surgeon/doctor who wants to operate on your mom?

Ask him/her how the hernia is going to be repaired?
If the doctor is going to be mesh used? If so which type of mesh?
Will it be repaired the old fashion way?

There are too many people with complications from hernia mesh repairs.
Have you read the the other posts on the the complications?
As for getting help for her husband...arer there any state run agency that can help out while your mom is recovering....possibly help BOTH of them?
Maybe the doctor for your mom and her husband can order this care and it might be covered under insurance.

Keep us posted..Smile
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