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care of post operative midline laparotomy

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hello i had a mid line laparotomy procedure to correct a severe and acute para umbilical hernia with a huge mass there was a mesh inserted during the course of the operation the staples were removed thirteen days post op the wound burst open the very same afternoon after the staples had been removed i had stitches inserted under a local anaesthetic that same afternoon and two days later the wound became infected i have had calvepen and flucloxcillan and paracetemol four times per day for a period of three weeks and now having had stitches removed after eleven weeks i find i am able to get around much easier and do not require the use of a walking cane as in pre op situation i am very cautious while carrying groceries and careful also in picking things from the floor and cleaning and house work generally are still difficult my pre op weight was thirty one stone i now weigh twenty eight stone and find that the mesh is pinching a little the wound itself has thankfully fully healed but it took a lot of time and care with dressings from the local health centre staff before i can say that i am actully now feeling much better i am still a bit nervouos of showering in case of re infection but the wouond is drying off nicely and i have a dry dressing at the moment i wonder if any one can share a similar post operative experience thank you
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