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car accident caused nerve pain/numbness please help

i have been in an accident and hit hard from behind. I was in really good shape before accident. My c5 came up damaged when they did the nerve check with the electric pulse. my bicep and shoulder is getting numb and weak.

nothing came up on the mri though. i did some research and it looks like radiculopathy.

im young 20's and its scaring me when my damaged side is going numb at this age. I have heard it affects the brain also, im assuming it slows blood flow. This is really starting to affect me mentally, im having alot of anxiety due to this.

I have heard there is surgery for this type of thing. My shoulder and bicep are getting weak. What should i do. This happened about 2 months ago but i can not see it just clearing itself up, the numbness is actually getting worse now. The skin is less sensitive. any comments would be appreciated.
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replied January 27th, 2011
Are you not able to function and do your daily activities. I had spine surgery after my first auto accident due to hernination in my neck and lower back. I had both neck and back laser spine surgery. I feel that I should of not had either. My back is so much worst and now I am out of work. I was working a good job in a great career and now not able to function. I would hold off as long as you can without surgery. What types of treatments did you have yet with your neck. Let me know

I had all kinds from tranditional to alternative. So, please let me know and I can share you all mine with you.
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replied February 29th, 2012
car accident
I was involved in a car accident on 12/20/2011. I was rear-ended by a woman doing at least 60 mph (according to CHP). I was at a stop on a busy street turning left and I was hit, by the grace of God I was able to control the car enough not to hit other cars head on and also by the grace of God, my rear tire didn't blow since the fender was cutting into it. I was injured in this accident, whiplash, and back pain. As a side note, the driver that hit me left the scene, and from what I'm being told now it is considered a felony hit and run. Now the dr. and physical therapist think that I might have a herniated disk and or a crack bone in my neck. The pain has not gone away, but I am able to move my head to some degree, but my neck cracks every time I move it. I am having some numbness to my left hand, which is not getting any better. My question is, does get any better? Does the pain ever go away? When will I be able to drive again without the fear of being hit again? I'm mad, depressed, and just tired of fighting with the insurance company. If there is anyone where has been through this I could you some words of wisdom.
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