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cant talk to parents and dont know why. really need help.

well first i will tell you a bit about me, im 26 and still living at home im saving to move out, i have 2 older brothers but they have moved out and have familys, im ok with all my family i can talk to them and make conversation, my dad i can talk to sometimes but not very often, but my mum i just cant talk to at all, w when i see her she just makes me feel so angry but i dont know why. when ever she talks to me i just grunt at her and thats it, i dont know what caused this its been going on for years, i see other familys and even my brothers getting on so well with there parents and i just cant, when im at home i just seem to be so angry all the time. at work im ok we all have a laugh and we get on well so its only my parents i have this problem with. for example tonight my parents were going out and i was staying in and they asked me if i could drop them to there friends house only 10 minute drive, and i turn around and say no, when i could of done it easy, its like im trying to make things worse. can anyone give me some advice as its really getting me down now.
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