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Cant stay awake. What could be wrong with me?

32 y/o Male. Hypothyroid, Bi-Polar, recovering addict.
Rx: Synthroid, Lithium, Baclofen, Remeron, Provigle.
Every day I am overwhelmed with exhaustion. I can make it untill about 11AM, and then I feel like Ive been driving for 18 hours. First I get real hot, and start to sweat. About 70% of the time I then get an erection. Then in about 2-3minutes my head is noding eyes are closing. I get weak. Worst cases I fall asleep while talking. Literally. Sometimes I will continue talking except changing to what im dreaming about. Most of the time I go into a dream immediately upon closing my eyes. Other times Im just asleep and stop talking/moving altogether. I only stay asleep for a few seconds before being jolted awake. to see that my hand had fallen on the keyboard and i have a screen full of letters. But the rest of the day is wasted, spent just fighting to stay awake. Increasing/decreasing caffeine does not help. limiting sugars does not help. getting up and walking around does not help. Glucose tolerance is good, A1C is good, Liver function is good, TSH, T4, T3, all good. Sleep study is good. So far the only thing that has been helping is 300mg provigel at 9am. that is losing its effectiveness. I started on 200. it worked the first day. then gradually worked less and less untill we added another 200 at noon. that lost its efectiveness after 2 days. now im taking 300 at 9, and it is losing its value after 3 days. I work out 3-4 days a week. I eat relatively healty. I do not drink or do drugs 4+months Clean and serene! I really dont want to be on more meds, I want to fix the problem. Any suggestions?
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replied August 15th, 2013
Active User, very eHealthy
Sleep study is good? Considering everything else you've described, that sounds incredible.

Be sure to mention falling asleep while talking to your doctor if you haven't already. Sounds like narcolepsy or some sort of sleep-wake regulation disorder.

Also wonder how long you're in recovery now, and if this could in some way be related to a rebound from whatever substance you were addicted to.
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