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Cant Sleep for 3 days

I have always been a great sleeper never had issues in sleeping. But since the past 3 days I have'nt been able to sleep even for a second. I was suffering with viral and sore throat. I took about 10 paracetamol in the span of 8 - 10 hours and at Night I started getting these hot flushes every 10 minutes and then a severe shivering because of feeling real cold. This was on Monday. On Tuesday I didnt sleep during the day and my fever didnt return but had a sore throat so was mostly on a liquid diet of fruit yogurt and custard. I was also gargling with luke warm water and iodine sore throat gargle concentrate. At night there were no flushes but my heart started beatig fast in fear of I guess that I couldnt sleep. I was awake the whole night. Went to the office the next day and at night of wednesday I culdnt sleep. Not even for a second. What wrong with me. Pls Help
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