i am in a relationship for 2 years.My girlfriend loves me and takes care of me also and i too love her a lot.And we are also planning to get married as our families are also very happy for us.
My girlfriend has had a live in relationship for 7 months.Which she had told me about.and i have also had sexual encounter before with few girls and had a relationship of 6years in past which my girlfriend knows about.
I always thought that the girl i will marry wil be only touched by me and no one else.and it had started haunting me each time i think of my girlfriend's past.
we normally have sex once a month.i keep thinking as how many times she might have had sex with her.or she might have had a lot more fun with her exboyfriend in her live in.and what all positions they might have tried
due to this i have had lots of fights with her and in the fights i bring her past and taunt her.
she has told me that she didnt have sex so many times but i dont believe her and dont trust her.
i keep thinking that what fun will she have with me when she had alread had a live
in relationship which i feel is like livin a married life.what should i do.
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replied August 6th, 2009
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I think that you are being very unfair to this woman...She is a wonderful woman and the fact that another man has touched her should make no difference...Don't marry her....You don't believe her and don't trust her...She deserves someone who loves her with their whole heart and soul...Not one who finds faults where there are no faults......

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replied August 7th, 2009
if you love her you have to forgive and forget. her past has nothing to do with how she feels about you today.
i have a past but my boyfriend loves me and he is my best friend where i can talk to him about all the mistakes i've made in my life without him being judgmental. this is one of the reasons why i love him so much.
but you can not be judgmental about your girlfriend. you have to get those negative thoughts in your head and stop starting arguments with her, your causing hurt and pain.
you have to find it within yourself to figure out if you can deal with it or not.
i dont know if your from overseas where that's a big thing for a women to be a virgin, most americans dont care about that.
people make mistakes, just like you have.
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