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Cant feel good (sense) with my left body from head to leg ?

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Would you please help me to understand this MRI, I have done MRI on my brain and the report is okay, after that the doctor told me to do another MRI on the cervical spine, and when the doctor read the results, he told me that I am fine and I just have some inflammation on my nerves, but the MRI says another thing !!

The report :

- Partial spastic straightening of cervical curvature denoting neck muscle spasm.
- Diffuse hypointensity in T1WIs is noted implicating C4 and C7 vertebral bodies and to a lesser extent the left aspect of C5 vertebral body. This show isointense signal on T2WIs with no appreciated post contrast enhancement.
- On the post contrast images, there is undue leptomeningeal enhancement is noted maximal appreciated opposite C4 vertebral body posteriorly.
- Mild degeneration of the cervical spine with minimal degenerative insignificant disc bulges from C3-C4 through C5-C6 level causing no significant neural compromise.

Plz help, I went to more than two doctors and all of them ignore this report and I am afraid that this could be a kind of cancer.
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replied March 20th, 2012
No one Sad
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replied April 18th, 2012
I dont completely understand the results but I too suffer from maby pain issues,most of them I dont understand.I dont think it sounds like cancer,if that they would be treating you for it.It sounds to me that you have back issues and its causing you to have pain through out your body,maybe nerve damage,possible Fibromyalgia,but hey Im no Dr.I am just trying to help ya.Take good care and hope the best for you,God Bless!
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replied April 20th, 2012
Okay thnx dude for ur hep Smile
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