I am 15 and I have voice problems. I find it really difficult to speak loud. I can speak alright to a normal person (at home for example) but I can't scream across the house. At school, I find it really difficult to talk to people as it is generally loud. There is a junior nights coming up next month and I would really like to be able to speak properly.
Problem is, my voice was ok. One year ago, when school started after summer, people told me my voice sounded different. I could yell and speak pretty how much how loud I wanted (could) to, and my throat would hurt the next day (but it would be ok after a while). Now, after I speak with my normal voice after a while, my throat starts to hurt and I cannot speak at all. It's like my voice breaks but I can't speak at all. It's really weird considering I could speak just fine last year.
Any tips/ideas?
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replied May 3rd, 2013
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The voice dropping into a lower key is a normal part of male puberty.

Mostly the process is passed through with the minimum of inconvenience though some unfortunates must endure the giggles of classmates as they try to answer the teacher in a hoarse whisper and then when the teacher bellows "speak up boy" the result is an ear-splitting screech.

I have not heard of the process causing any pain.

The breaking of my own voice seemed to be taking a long time, though I can't remember how long that was, and caused me much embarrassment so mother dragged me to the doctor who peered and poked into my throat and declared the process of voice-breaking was hampered by a case of "red pillars" or an unspecified fungal growth in my larynx.

The cure was a brief stay in hospital where a foul tasting brew was trickled down my throat by means of a syringe and a couple of previously installed tubes into my nose. Having liquid running through my head made a very loud trickling noise.

I suggest you voice your concerns to your family doctor.
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replied May 4th, 2013
Thank you for the response (and the witty pun ^^). As said before, it is not a problem of puberty, as my voice had change previously.
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