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Cannot poop but NOT constipated

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i get serious stomach pains like when u have diarrhea and need to go but when i go i cant get it out. i am not constipated... the poop is really.... liquidish... diarrhea basically but i cant poop. i get stomach pains for 2 days and when i go it takes hours in the bathrrom... i cant go into the bathrrom intil my kids go to bed because i know its gonna take so long and i cant leave them for that long.... HELP
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First Helper sadoola

replied March 25th, 2011
Toilet Problems
Hmm, Only Solutions I Can Think Of Is Lift Feet 4 Inches Off The Ground And Lean Forward And Even Start Doing Sit-ups So That Abdominal Muscles Can Help By Giving That Little Extra Push, If Its "Liquidy" You Should Start Eating Things Like Bread What Add Weight And Harden The Poo And Drink With Fluids What Will Make The Outside Soft.. Hope This Helps And Let Me Know How You Get On!
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