i have become quite desperate. i have looked at a lot into my problem but nothing seems to fit.

i am at the point of loosing my family, house and my job. and all people tell me is to get a grip.

when my alarm goes off in the morning. i hear it, but press snooze, and snooze and snooze. and will not/can't get up untill i absolutley must, or feel so guilty of the time i get my self up. if i know someone else can do what i should, i will let them. or, if i can cancell my commitment i will. i feel so much negativity

i have put it down to depression, and maybe it is. but no one seems to acknowledge my symptoms.

my job is suffering, my wife is about to leave me. most days i only get up at 3pm at best. but once i'm up i am fine. and really am.

what is it? what can i do?
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replied July 25th, 2010
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It sounds like you have depression but most people do. However, yours is chronic. Instead of taking medicationf or it. Use your inner strength. You have to mentally take control over the physical. If you have to have a motivator, just look up and see the roof over your head, look around and see you have family, look in your fridge and see you have food. Make big poster board put it on the back of your bedroom door so when you open your eyes every morning you will see it. Write in huge red letters. "I HAVE PURPOSE IN LIFE" now get up, go to work and find out what it is.

Good Luck,

Faded Rose
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replied July 25th, 2010
faded rose, thank you for your advice, it is appreciated. however. it isn't any different from anything else i have heard before.

If it is depression? why do i not feel depressed once i am up and about?

if i'm honest, the only depression i suffer once i'm up and about is a result of the problems i incurr from not getting up...for example. wife angry cos i never got up. job wanting to know why i missed the meeting...

i could be really wrong here. but to me, my depression is a symptom not a cause.

if i am right, and it is not depression that is the cause. then what is it?????
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replied July 17th, 2012
You need to see your doctor. If it is depression you would normally continue to feel low but you may have a milder form of depression to me. A great book to read for anyone with depression is "Depressive Illness Curse of the Strong" such a good book. Tell your wife to hang in there because if it is depression you are ILL not just being lazy if you broke your leg they would sympathise if you are depressed the you have broke something noone can see in your mind FACT
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