When I go to the toilet in the morning, as I am desperate, I start going with a very strong stream which feels wonderful until about 10 seconds when I am in mid stream, it stops! I cannot carry on, stand there for ages bladder still full, but i cant go at all and have to carry on what I am doing. Then suddenly i will need to finish off but there is never a time on how long so I cant even time it right. Then the stream is very slow and sqwirts uncontrollably which can be embarrassing. This only seems to happen first thing, however when I need to go in the daytime once I start I cannot stop the stream. If I wake with an erection, it just dies as my bladder takes over, so to my misery its effecting me sexually too.

The doctor told me to do stop start exercises but I cant stop it once I am going. He said this is normal and there is nothing physically wrong Shocked .

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
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replied January 22nd, 2012
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Hi Trevor,

One thing that does come to mind, is the possibility of a kidney stone, as it can cause an obstruction in your urinary tract.

I had a similar experience when I had a kidney stone. When I finally would be able to go again, it just would not stop and I would sometimes walk away feeling like I still had to urinate but I just couldn't get anything out.

Have your doctor run some tests just to be sure. I guess he would have allready done urine tests but apparently, kidney stones don't always cause blood to show in the urine as it's dependant on when it last moved.

Good luck!
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