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Cannot find a birth control method that works for me

I am 25 and have been on various forms of birth control since I was 16.

I started off with Ortho Tri Cyclen lo and was on that for several years, but gained a lot of weight (I was already overweight - and still am, though I'm trying to fix that) and suddenly began having depression problems (which may have been coincidental, because those problems have not gone away even when I've not used anything but condoms). Before anyone objects, I am fully aware that the pill does not CAUSE weight gain, but if my understanding is correct, I believe we can agree that the surplus of estrogen in one's system causes it to hold onto weight more readily.

So upon doing a hormonal test with my doctor and discovering that I was extremely estrogen-dominant, we took me off of the pill and tried to correct my system with progestin (not as birth control, just to help balance my hormones). At first I felt great, but within a couple of months became extremely depressed and even suicidal. At that point I contacted my doctor, we stopped the hormone treatment, and I briefly went to therapy. Over the 5 years since then I went back on Ortho Tri Cyclen for a while and experienced the same issues as before, tried the NuvaRing and had the same issues as well as it being uncomfortable for me and my boyfriend, went without birth control for a while and just used condoms (which is obviously obnoxious and a major mood-killer for anyone in a long-term relationship, as well as causing a lot of anxiety whenever it was time for my period - and my periods have almost always been irregular), got a copper IUD which was painful but I loved anyway until it started coming out and poking my boyfriend, and am now on Nora-Be, a progestin birth control pill, which has given me an odd odor and difficulty orgasming.

I have found that I do NOT like hormonal birth control - it makes my moods completely unpredictable and messes around with the smells, feeling, and lubrication of my vagina far more than I am comfortable with. I would gladly get another copper IUD, but especially given the high up-front cost, I am afraid that it would come out and start stabbing my boyfriend again (by the way, he felt the strings even before it started coming out, though he was willing to put up with that). Another issue with the IUD is that my insurance refuses to pay for it.

I have realized that I may just have to put up with whichever method of birth control bothers me and my boyfriend the least, but if anyone has any advice about things to try or good doctors to go to in the Annapolis area, that would very welcome.
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replied June 23rd, 2014
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Try the diaphragm! You insert it before intercourse and have to leave it in for at least 6 hours after sex unless you use a condom or the pull out method. It may be difficult to insert, and it does kill the spontaneity if you have to run and put it in before you have sex. It also may come out of place during rough sex or an above average penis size. However, no hormones, and it shouldn't hurt your boyfriend.
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