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cancerous mole or hpv?

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3 years ago when i was 26, i went to a gynecologist (planned parenthood) for a small, slightly darker colored (i'm fair, so it was light pinkish-brown),round mole that had appeared within the last year on my lower butt cheek, not directly on my vagina or anal area, but close enough to them. it was itchy and growing slowly in size. the doctor at this clinic examined it and told me it was probably not an std (specifically HPV), and told me to go to a dermatologist. i had not been sexually active for the 3 years before it appeared and no one i've been with to my knowledge has had any stds. i've been in monogamous relationships, no one night stands...anyways, the dermatologist i went to removed the mole and sent it in to the lab. it came back as being a type of cancer (squamous cell carcinoma i believe), but she dismissed that and said actually she thought that is was a form of HPV and that "the virus had made the cells look so crazy" that the lab concluded it was cancer. all she told me to do was to get a pap-smear more frequently because it was probably a type of HPV that highly increased my chances of getting cervical cancer. i was freaked out needless to say.

it never grew back. the tiny area felt a bit itchy at times for a while and still does very very rarely. this tore me apart for a couple years, disrupted my hopes to restart a sex life...and when i did start one, i didn't really know what to say to him, was afraid to bring it up the first night..."be careful i might have an std, but then again, i might not. i don't really know and no one can tell me for sure..."
so this year, i finally went to see another dermatologist and described this former mole of mine...where it had been located, how it had felt, how it looked, how the skin still itches from time to time. she told me that it had probably not been HPV afterall, at least it didn't sound like it to her.

I really don't know what to think. I've never had an irregular pap-smear in my life, before or since I was diagnosed as supposedly having HPV. Who should I believe? and also, is there a way to biopsy the skin in the area that the HPV/cancerous mole was growing, to truly determine whether it was cancer,(if any of the irregular cells are still there) or HPV (and in that case, what kind of HPV is was)? I feel like the dermatologist who initially diagnosed the "cancerous" mole as HPV was being unprofessional by being so sure of her speculation, and not further testing it for any specific strain of hpv (that is possible to do,right?)...

so, thank you very much for any input into this question.
this former mole makes sexual relationships difficult because on one hand, i don't really believe i have hpv, but on the other hand, i know that i could. it has never been confirmed, only speculated...
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replied May 29th, 2009
Can you get the medical records from this Dermatologist you saw years ago with the would then talk with your new Derm. to see if he/she could do a punch biopsy of area that itches to see if there is anything else there..A squamous cell cancer is nothing to play with..This type of skin cancer can grow if not all taken out and become quite large..I worked 5.5 years with a Dermatolgist and assited him in biopsi..He would numb the area and using a small instrument something like a cookie cutter and take out a small amount of tissue and place a suture or two..The biopsy would be sent out and hopefully by the time you came back for suture removel the doctor would have the results or could call on results..Best of luck on this..KD
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