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Cancerous cervical cells effect on conception ?

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My partner and I have been TTC for almost a year (our daughter is 19 months) and have had no luck whatsoever. When I was 18 (I''m 24 now), my doctors discovered that I had early stages of cervical cancer. After the LEEP procedure, my paps have been completely normal. Even through my pregnancy with my daughter there were no flare-ups or issues. Recently, I''ve been noticing some (Sorry, this is going to be graphic) bloody, mucus-like discharge in between my periods. A couple times I thought it was implantation bleeding, but I am still not pregnant. I read online that it could be due to abnormal or cancerous cells on my cervix. I''m really nervous that''s the reason we haven''t been successful in conception. I would just go see my gyno and find out for sure but my company is "shopping" for new health insurance and that has left me uninsured for the last 4 months (!). I should just get my own insurance and go, but in the meantime I''m looking for a little reassurance. Anyone have ideas?
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replied August 25th, 2010
I also had a LEEP about 5 years ago. I thought I would never get pregnant. My doctors have told me that it doesn't hinder trying to conceive, it might not be so good when you get pregnant because you end up with a shortened cervix.
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