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Can you please tell me whats going on with me?

i turned 16 just last week and think i am developing schizophrenia. I think everyone is out to get me and there is this other side of myself that controls what i do. I hear this voice which tells me not to eat or tell anyone about them. I want to tell someone but this person inside me would do something if i did. Ive become really paranoid and uneasy with people. In my journal entries someone else controls my mind and i dont recall writing the things i write. A couple weeks ago my friend said she saw me driving around looking really concentrated and that day i remember grabbing my moms car keys but looking at the car and walking aaway thinking how crazing it would be to steal it. But my frieds knows it was me. Ive been creating scenarios in my head thinking my friends are out to get me.
what do i do?
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replied February 1st, 2011
Hi kiwi. You know kiwi is my favorite fruit, so I like your username a lot already lol

It is hard to tell if a person has schizophrenia without actually seeing or hearing them. In my opinion, I think you have a lot of energy and a big imagination. That it is not a bad thing, I have a big imagination too, I'm an author so that helps me. Everyone thinks of crazy "what if I did...." every once in a while. It's perfectly normal. As long as you realize that it is just for fun and not serious than it is not a problem.

Lots of times when people are wound up too tight from school or relationships, they get frazzled. I do not know what your personal life is like, but if it does seem frazzled, then that might be the source of these symptoms.

People have been out to get people for ages. If a person simply observes that fact, that is not being paranoid. If you simply think that your friend is out to get you, it's entirely possible. People your ages, especially girls, backstab each other all the time. It's a very turblent age for most kids. Do you think your concern of your friends is paranoid? Or just normal teenage thinking?

As for what you should do, I don't think it is serious enough to involve a doctor, but of course you are the best judge in that. If you want some tricks that you can do at home by yourself, I'd be more than happy to give you some. Hope this helped and that you feel better.
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