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Can you have too much of a Vitamin?

I recently (2 days ago) started taking a women's daily multivitamin and a B-Complex vitamin. Between the two I am getting about 8,000% daily value of my B Vitamins and 300% of my daily value for Folic Acid. I only really wanted the B Complex because I heard it makes your hair grow longer, but now for some reason my urine is highlighter bright yellow no matter how much water I drink. I just took a Human Physiology course and understand that the body will excrete excess substances like Glucose in the urine, but why do they make it over 100% of your daily value in the first place if it will all be excreted? Am I getting too much? Will something bad happen over time if I take 8,000% of something every day? Also, is it silly that I am trying to use B-Complex to grow my hair out or could this work?
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