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Can u still have a heavy period whilst pregnant? (Page 2)

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June 11th, 2013
Hi , my name is bree. I recently have been experiencing some weird symptoms and im not sure if i could be pregnant and would like some advice. Iv been having unprotected sex for about 2 years now, i recently have had very small amount of pink blood discharge every couple of days. I was late for my period but then again its really not on schedule yet.. So i took a digital preg test and it came out negitive but after i kept seeing the " spotting" like blood. A couple days after i get my period but its real heavy. Its only my 3rd day on it so im not sure if its short yet cause mine always last all 7 days but im wondering even tho i took a digital test and got my period heavy could i still be pregnant ?
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replied July 29th, 2013
Hi, help, so me and my now ex had sex back in march, I got my peroid the week before we did which was fine, since then I've had very heavy periods that last the full five days but I noticed I have gained weight alil which I don't mind as I was alil skinny, but no other pregnancy symptoms, is it still possible to be pregnant even with heavy blooded periods present please help......thank you inadvance
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replied September 3rd, 2013
can you be pregnant and have a period still?
hi i had unprotected sex with my bf 1 week ago and then i had my period dis week and its not that heavy or light can i be pregnant or not help someone plz
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