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I am sure there are like hundreds of reasons why you head can hurt. After a few days though you can start feeling a little crazy. Just don't overload your mouth because your head hurts and hurt someone else's feelings. Migraines are a whole other different leve of headache!! A dark room is you friend with no visitors please and a cool rag. You have A tendency to lose patience quick when you are hurting.
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replied March 14th, 2009
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There is a strong connection between hypothyroidism and new daily persistent headache and chronic migraine.
Hypothyroidism sufferers, often experience headache and migraine, and treatment for under active thyroid gland can lead to easily manageable migraine headaches (it has been shown that respond of migraine headache to treatment is better, when the hypothyroidism is treated).
Blood sugar levels during a migraine attack are often low and the lower the level the stronger the pain.
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