I and my boyfriend were dry humping. We both were wet. He put his penis a bit inside my vagina. He wasnt naked . He wore underwear and nylon shorts but i was naked. We did this 6 days prior to my actual periods date. Can this cause pregnancy
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replied March 11th, 2016
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The ten days before your expected period are not in the fertile window. Ovulation is roughly 14 days before the period and the egg is only good for one day. It's a good idea to learn the sign of ovulation so you know when that moment has passed. Also, sperm do not travel through multiple layers of clothing.

You are going to be sexually active within a matter of months. Please sit your boyfriend down and discuss birth control. If you could slip in some vaginal spermicide before each encounter, if he would use a condom for every penetration and if you both avoided the fertile window you would be bomb proof.

Alternatively you could ask your mom to let you have a Norplant implant which would protect you for three years. After the initial shock she might be glad to help rather than confront an unplanned pregnancy.
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