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can this cause preg,, need info :)

1.i *** ON her pantie (laced ones)
2. she was on her time of month , moderate flow or somthing she say idk
3. she had her tampon on
4. she wore her jean right after i *** on her pantie for 40 min or more and took a bath
5. she said it soaked through but felt dried
6. she was wet
7. she is freaking out like a lot stressed a lot too
and im afraid this will cause her to get FAKE symptoms u know and slow her next period

i don't think this will cause preg since she had her tampon in and i *** on her pantie even though it was laced but still,, anyways
what can i tell her to calm her down
and can this cause preg? i wana know im freaking out too u know
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replied July 5th, 2012
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No, she is definitely not pregnant from that.
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