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Can't wake baby during the day and doesn't sleep at all at night

My seven week old son will not sleep at all at night. I know the reason is because he wants to sleep all day. I have tried EVERYTHING to get him to stay awake during the day. Loud music, brightness, changing his diaper, taking off his clothes, a wet washcloth. I basically torture the child and I end up in tears because its unsucessful. FYI- he eats during the day, but rarely opens his eyes. At this point I am thinking something is wrong. PLEASE HELP!!!
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replied December 3rd, 2011
Hi there, I think its pretty common thing for a baby to do that. Is your wife a working mom? If not, please ask her to try to follow your baby's schedule for the first few months. Newborn baby need all the sleep they can get and its not wise to disturb their need so early in their stage of growth. (this is to maximize your baby development, especially for their brain)

Whenever the baby fall asleep, she sleeps as well. This will give her the energy needed whenever the baby awake during the night.

Then as time goes by, you can incorporate some fun activities during the day (keep him/her laughing) and give more comfortable environment during the night. That will do the trick, as I have proven it.

Hope this helps. Smile
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