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Can't sleep on my left side just on my right

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I cant sleep on my left side because it hurt to much like its hard to breathe and it hurt my heart area a bit. I dunno what's up but it's weird. And also my I put my hands by my side or down, they turn red and go a little numb.. Is this normal ? In skinny to and 14 sooo I don't really know. I live an hour away from doctor and I need to know for sure if important. An please answer my other post too Smile
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replied June 10th, 2012
I don't know "what's up" either. Lying on your left side should not in any way affect your heart, so maybe you are having some chest wall discomfort. Are you 14 years of age? And I don't know what your other post was.
If you are not feeling well, by all means don't hesitate to consult with your doctor.
Please keep in mind that I am unable to diagnose medical conditions online.

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replied December 30th, 2012
costochondritis chest pain
When I turn onto my right or left side to sleep I get chest pains. Any idea what I can do? I fractured my sternum about 25 years ago...could this be a result of that? This has been going on for 2 years now...I don't know what to do..
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replied January 20th, 2013
(posting here because some people with some of these symptoms will end up here.)Hey guys I hope everyone with this issues sees this. You may have this to a lesser or more sever extant.

I had pneumonia a little over a month ago and one day after not sleeping for days and days I woke up after taking what was not a smart amount of various medications to help me sleep and help my symptoms. Well, I slept but I woke up with the feeling I had been shot through and through from under my left rib cage and out the back. I feared that I damaged my liver and was so embarrassed I didn't go see anyone and lived in agony and off of left over pain killers for a good week or so.

I couldn't lay on my front or back without it making it worse, when I ate right after each swallow it hurt really bad, I felt bloated right under my rib cage, and was easily out of breath. At times it felt like I was having a heart attack. I finally went in after being out of pain meds and the doc was really concerned. They did blood work and that was all find, so no worries about liver or gallbladder so she was concerned I had a pulmonary embolism but I had no other symptoms related to that. Still, she wanted a catscan to be sure but I wasn't about to pay for that.

So I went home and did TONS of research. I came to the conclusion I had developed GERD. So I went and bought some over the counter 150 strength generic zantac to find out if that was my ailment. Sure enough after two days of taking it twice a day my symptoms pretty much went away. I stopped taking it to make sure I wasn't just better and it was a coincidence and yep after a day it came back. I called my Doc and she agreed (my thought is why didn't she realize this!?!?) So I started back up on a prescrip of same med and have been on it for the past week and pretty much prob free. If I forget to take my night dose I know because I start coughing which is another symptom because the acid is irritating your throat. I go take it and in about 30 min stop coughing. I hope this reaches and helps everyone scared to death by these symptoms like I was. It is a pretty cheap test to see if this is your issue without paying for all the other tests. HOWEVER! If you have a change in your stool like some people have said tarry looking or bloody GO TO THE DOCTOR because that is not GERD, that would likely be a peptic ulcer or something else similar which can be an emergency.
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replied August 6th, 2013
can't stop thinking :-(
Can anyone help cause i can't stop thinking

hello everyone . I'm 23 . i has different pain in my body ( low back almost 2 years now, my left abdominal it's very hard inside like stone on one side for almost 5-6 months now, and now i has a chest pain that's making me i can't sleep at night..
it's very pain and I'm very worry .. i don't smoke / no cough / no neck pain / i lose weigh and i feel my right arm it's hurt inside.
i went to Hospital and explain all my problem and same time did blood test and the doc told me every things its ok and give me some pills
but after the pills finish the pain come back again.

Can anyone help cause i can't stop think
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replied September 11th, 2013
I'm 26 female and in 2009 I had audible clicking coming from the left side of ny chest, pain in the upper back radiating to the collar bone and into my jaw. At night time I was having severe night sweats and randomly waking gasping for air. I convinced myself I was dying. I went to see my gp she said I was imagining everything and was all link to anxiety and depression. 3 months went by and my symptoms continued. One morning I bent down to pick something up I heard a click in the left side of the chest and a bubbling sensation so I went to a&e..bloods, heart rate and oxygen levels were okay so the doctor was ready to discharge me but I said something had to be wrong as I can hear clicking in my chest so he sent me for an xray. Within minutes the doctor rushed in and confirmed I had a spontaneous pneumothorax which was relieved by chest drain. The consultant I had had not dealt with this in a young female and my weight was 7stone and my height 5ft 4. He said its the tall, thin men who are more at risk. So he wanted to run further tests to rule out any underlying lung diseases. I waited and waited and waited for appointments and never got one. 4years later and I still have issues on my left side. I struggle to breathe, it hurts to run or be active in any way. I gasp for air in the middle of the night. My left side just feels like a lead weight. Sometime it feels like I'm not breathing at all. My doctor won't take any notice of me whatso ever
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