Me and my boyfriend have been trying to make a baby but no luck n wen he comes in me it falls out what should i do can i still get pregnant and whats going on pleasse help i really we really wanna baby sooo bad give me tips n answeres thank you guys soo much
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replied February 18th, 2010
Especially eHealthy

A few questions: How old are you, do you have regular cycles and how long are they?

First you have to understand that hes semen contains a massive amount of sperm but they are so small that even if all sperm enter your cervix, it will seem to you like it all flows back out in a process called flow-back. This is very normal.

Secondly you need to understand that only sex for a few days before your ovulation can get you pregnant. The latest research shows that sperm will survive for 3 days in your fallopian tubes. A few hours after you ovulate the egg will die if it does not get the fertilized by the waiting sperm.

Thirdly you need to know that even if everything is perfect, only about 30 percent of women will get pregnant from that sex.

Your eggs start to mature 3 months before ovulation. Any adverse things happening in that 3 months will affect the eggs ability to conceive. The most adverse things are substance abuse, drugs, prescription drugs, alcohol, smoke, poisons etc.

Your partner also have to take care of his sperm. Heat (tight clothes, clothes that keep in heat, warm baths and hot tubs) and the same adverse things mentioned above will affect his ability to produce sperm that can fertilize the egg.

To be considered fertile, he has to deliver at least 40 million live and swimming sperm in at least 2 ml semen to the top of your vagina. if you orgasm within 60 seconds before he ejaculates or 32 minutes after he ejaculates the chances are vastly improved that a lort of sperm will be sucked up by your cervix and delivered to you fallopian tubes.

If you use any personal lubricant, you need to make sure that it is sperm fiendly. If it is not something like pre-seed, the lube can trap the sperm.

Although it has never been proved that it helps, you can elevate your hips (put your bum on a pillow) to keep the semen close to your cervix for 2 minutes after he ejaculated.

After you have tried for a year, a fertility expert will normally willing to investigate infertility in you. Your partner can however have his sperm tested right now to make sure that he is fertile.

So the biggest secret seems to be determining when you are ovulating. There are ovulation prediction kits available where they sell pregnancy test kits, you also get what is called a 'saliva ferning microscope' that will look at your saliva and determine from the hormones present when you are ovulating. There are also natural methods to do it. Search the internets for 'fertility awareness method' (FAM). You can look at your basal body temperature, the feeling and height of your cervix in your vagina and the cervical mucus when it comes out in your vulva. These signs are pretty accurate. You can look at . They have a pretty good 21 day tutorial on using FAM and it is comprehensive and free.

Best of luck with TTC!
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