Hello, i need a little help please.

After I recently started dating a girl from College, i find myself always thinking about her. I know these are normal heart games, but this combined with other factors in college are destroying me. I feel like i cant move forward, im digressing.

Im loosing sleep, im always worrying, im exhausted, my eating habits are off. Bottom line being i am not healthy. I cannnot let anything out of my head. Everything is bottled up. I know this sounds very cliche. I am pacing, often moving around. Most of all doing nothing. I just sit in my room for hours thinking.

I think i am dipping in and out of depression. When im around her, as well as other freinds i feel great, and refreshed.
I do talk to people...I feel they just cant relate. It really hurts emotionally, and ive become very different. I always have low energy.

If anyone has any suggestions to relieve this heavy feeling, i would really aprecciate them.

Thank you so much.


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replied December 17th, 2008
Hi Sweetie! Me Fairy*Godmother
I like to refer to this as having too many cars up there and not enough lanes? This constant brain activity can drive you bonkers. Can't concentrate on one thing, let alone the four billon you need to be doing. Sometimes it a chemical imbalance and you may need to see a pro for meds to help "slow the brain down" so we you actually function at a NORMAL level.......I hit the floor running and go to bed at the night the same way. It started about the time I turned 20.........Please consider going to see a therapist/psychologist. Its what they do! Hope you find some relief!
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replied December 19th, 2008
Yeah, I agree with 'Fairy Godmother' and I'd recomment you see a therapist or a psychologist Smile

Or even, if that seems scary at the minute, you could see your GP and they can talk you through what happens and they can refer you to a psychologist.

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