Drinking Abuse?
Ok I do drink almost daily I can go withou symptoms from not drinking. I drink alone, I am a 27 Year old female. I have a great job, I am (What I feel beautiful and very skinny) I am fine as ling as hard alcohol (aka) Vodka is in the house but if not I must get it. Just to comfort my brain not body that I have it available. I only drink before bedtime but I think too much. I plan on quitting every day but have been unable to. I dont get the shakes oo cut it out. I never drink in the am but over do it in the pm almost every day. I dont need to be preached to I need to know how to stop this and have self control. Withdrawl I doubt will impact me much just need to know how to control myself. Heck I am all alone, it cannot be too hard. Ideas or suggestions PLEASE. Preaching how I am wring is unnecessary, (I already know) but thank you, I appreciate your concern
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First Helper cakes45cal

replied April 9th, 2010
hi cakes45cal,

If you feel like you want to stop drinking because it is affecting you negatively, but find that you cannot easily stop or drink when you have planned not to, you may have a drinking problem, and if not already, it could lead to alcoholism. Even if you are not an alcoholic, your liver and other vital organs are at risk with such heavy drinking. I am not trying to preach as, but my point is, if there was an easy way to "control yourself" perhaps there wouldn't be a need for such useful organizations like AA. So think about it, try to cut back or slow down on your own, and if this doesn't work, then you might try AA or talk to a doctor (of course you can do those things now if you wish! Smile
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replied April 13th, 2010
I just want to say I hope you can find a way to stop drinking. I too was psychologically addicted to alcohol for many years. I drank heavily over a period of ten years trying to alleviate my anxiety and depression. Even though I drank a lot for a long time I never became physically dependent--I just could not make myself stop drinking--it was in my head. You truly have to be at the point that you are ready to stop for anything to work. That point in time is different for everyone and no one but you can determine you are at that point. If you really feel you cannot stop on your own you need to explore why you feel you cannot stop either with talk therapy (doesn't work for me), a twelve step program such as AA (didn't work for me either because of the religious overtones although there are agnostic twelve step programs if the religious overtones bother you) or by whatever other means of honest self exploration you can find. Your drinking alone and feeling that you should stop are clear signals of the beginning of alcoholism--which can be a psychological or perceived need to drink. Alcoholism does not have to be a physical dependence where you have withdrawal symptoms if you try to stop. If you are not interested in going to therapy or AA meetings, there are several good online sites that conduct meetings either online or by conference call. You could explore those as a first step and listen to what other people who have an addiction to alcohol have to say. I’ll give you some links to start with at the end of this post. Go to the websites and explore what is available. You will find some of the websites have links to some very good information and articles about alcohol addiction. You may find someone says just the right thing in the forums to help you. They will not judge you , they will not preach at you--they just share their experiences with each other in an effort to help themselves and other people who have a problem with alcohol. I strongly encourage you to try to find your way to control your drinking. Alcoholism has a way of snaking it’s way into your life--especially if you are female and have a habit of drinking alone. The female physiology reacts to alcohol vastly differently from the male physiology. You might also be interested in this link on about.com: http://alcoholism.about.com/c/ec/1.htm It is an e-mail course about women and alcohol.
I want you to get this under control for your sake while you are young. I am fifty years old and looking back now I feel I wasted ten good years of my youth abusing alcohol-(and, yes, I mostly drank alone and at night as many women tend to do)

Good luck.
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