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can't pass gas

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We burp, belch and fart an average of 12 times a day. But why do we have gas? And what is intestinal gas?...the basics here....
Intestinal gas forms from two main sources - swallowed air and bacteria in the intestine. Plus, learn which factors to avoid to decrease the likelihood of gas....
How much gas is normal? Usually symptoms of gas and flatulence are more bothersome than serious. But learn when you should seek help for excessive gas here....
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i can't pass gas? i don't know what to do? i'm wondering if because i'm a vegeterian this could be the problem?? i eat soy products,no fish Question
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replied March 23rd, 2010
I mistakenly thought I couldnt pass gas often enough but I just was sort of creating the pain, it was all mental. When I just forgot about it and stopped trying to force things the pain went away and I passed gas whenever I was supposed to. It was pretty strange and I'm not sure if this is the same situation but I always try to pass along the info.
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