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Can't keep numbers out of 20's

I am newly dx as of two days ago. I have been testing and eating well for two weeks now as I suspected something was wrong.

Two days ago, my doctor put me on metaforin. Took it for two days and won't again. Barely could get up or wake up. It was horrible.

I also have MS.

I have been following the diet, except one sip of (my son's) Fanta soda to swallow my first pill of metaforin as we were out. Had a glass of orange juice today, which made me feel great and even did a little house work.

However, right now, and pretty much all day other than the orange juice, my numbers won't elevate no matter how much I eat, nor how long either. I am in the 20's and tired.

Any suggestions?

I am desperate and at my wits end.
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replied August 31st, 2010
I am doing better and have my numbers stabilized.

Can't drink milk.

Old fashioned oatmeal, flax and fiber (clear powder kind) with water only, is the best food for me.
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