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Can't keep my erection

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Well I fingered my girlfriend the other day and she was playing around with my penis and now I just can't seem to hold an erection for long without playing with myself long to keep it going. If I try to get hard off of thoughts now it just won't get hard at all and I'm kind of worried, could someone just give me an answer to why this could be happening?
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replied January 5th, 2009
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Hi! I'm 41, usually stress, anxiety or performance anxiety will cause that, you have to be relaxed to keep it hard. Blood circulation problems may also be the issue, usually in older or overweight man. Try exercising beforehand or use penis ring (a good one). Works like a charm, don't keep it on for more then 15 a time. Hope this helps!
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replied January 6th, 2009
Can't keep an erection
Thanks I also read some other forums and it helped clear my mind and I'm fine now thanks a bunch
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