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Can't get rid of the guilt or shame

For years I felt very strongly about a girl and made many social mistakes with her, when I started to reliase them I went to see her to aplogise and it didn't go very well, she ended up calling the police on me and thought I was mentally ill. to be honest on reflecting I came off way to strongly however I like to make note I never been aggressive or threatening just came of way to strong and made some stupid mistakes.

Anyway after that I went to my doctor and ask to see someone, later down the road I was diagnosed with aspergers which explain a lot of my social problems and stuff I did with her that I didn't know at the time was wrong.

Over time I study and try to learn from my mistakes and understood where I went wrong, however I still feel a lot of guilt that I can't shake.

There is a part of me wanting to tell about the aspergers to hopefully explain why I acted the way I did, however I too scare that if she took it the wrong way I would be in trouble.
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replied December 24th, 2015
Hi thomas130,

I understand my brother has it too a former friend noticed actually the woman i loved who abruptly pushed me away. Sometimes those we love don't really understand. when i suffered situatinal depression i tried to research as much as i can. i need to do more. i expereinced being misunderstood once she toldme i was angry on the phone. i remebered the phone call & i knew i was not , it hurts to be misunderstood.
Be gentle with urself. it is good ur studying about it. i applaud ur effort. it makes it more difficult when u feel deeply for that girl. i feel deeply for the friend who pushed me away & have no contact. i believe iam making progress thru my counselling. even tho i can't hear from her or try to contact it was 2 yrs ago & i tried then.
Keep growing stronger ,studying & doing ur best every day. glad u posted & reached out . I love U & God loves u& He will help u everyday. sending a prayer up now for your peace of mind & praying u sleep well. love and hugs Earl
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replied December 26th, 2015
To be honest I given up on girls not worth all this stress
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