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can't breathe whilst falling asleep lying down

Hi For about 2 months i have been having problems with my breathing which appears to stop just as i am about to drop off to sleep when i lay on my back. As i stop breathing , i can feel this terrific heat coming up from my stomach area & up into my throat.My lungs are not rising at all at this point.I have to get myself up quickly in order to start breathing again. I can just about sleep a few hours when on my right side but i still do wake up on & off & it is shallow breathing.
I have had all the blood tests & oxygen levels were fine & had a chest x-ray which was clear. All these tests are done however when i am in an upright position & also when i am awake ofcourse. I am have terrible bad nerves at the moment when any slight noise makes me jump out of my skin as i can feel it go right through me. Also have been having lots of twitches in my body as i drop off to sleep. I am normally a healthy male of fairly slight build & very active apart for the last two months.It feels like gases are trapped deep in my stomach & then rise up as i start to sleep. Its like a pump stops working moving the air in & out of me when i go to sleep. Even after i get some sleep, my body isn't recovered at all, i still feel very weak all over especially my arms. My diet is pretty healthy at the moment aswell. Could i have a problem with the Diaphram ?
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replied July 6th, 2009
hello and not a doctor but a supporter and when read your thread i decided to do research..
you have classic signs of sleep apnea from the symptoms you describe.
all the signs are there..

difficultty breathing,
lying on your side slightly helps.

symptoms you should experience if this is the case are,

headache in morning and irritable.
feeling sleepy during the day,
anxious and maybe depressed.
memory not as bright as used to be.

this is a disorder that needs to be medically evaluated soon as high blood pressure is a risk..sleep apnea may be described as obstructive,central or mixed..
make an appointment if you experience any of the above i have mentioned and hope this has been of information too you..
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replied December 20th, 2009
Hello i am a 26 year old and i have also been having these sign's..i feel if i try to breathe on my own without helping myself that i can't breathe and gotta gasp for air.....and it's real bad at night i can't go to sleep until about 7:00 in the morning and then i feel restless in the day time.....
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replied June 12th, 2013
Hey there I'm a 18 year old from Australia. I feel the same some nights, just when I am drifting off to sleep I start to feel like I can't breathe. My heart slows down to a point I can barely feel a pulse, doctors told me it means my heart is strong because it doesn't have to pump heaps to get my nutrients in my blood. But this happened tonight out of many nights. I'm not stressed or anything, usually to deal with it I get out of bed for an hour or so then go try again, I wish I could find a solution to fix this.
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