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Can stress and anxiety cause nosebleeds?

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Hi I am a 42 yo female and for the past 2 days I have had a nosebleed that comes on suddenly and scares me very much. I have been under alot of stress lately and I already take Paxil for anxiety and panic attacks. I had a full blown panic/anxiety attack during and after each nosebleed. I am really scared and just wondering if there is something else to worry about. I have hypothyroidism but I am on the proper amt of synthroid for it and I take zrytec and singulair for allergies so I am not sure what is going on and I just wondered if it could be the added stress?
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replied October 20th, 2011
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Hi lkuh69 and welcome to ehealth: Yes, stress can cause a nosebleed...What happens is that your blood pressure elevates to the point that it needs release...IMO, this is something that you should tell your doctor...Take care...

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replied October 21st, 2011
Stress can cause many illnesses that may seem unrelated
Stress can cause many illnesses that may seem unrelated. Stress has a massive impact not only mentally but also physically. Learning to manage my stress levels was one of the hardest to accomplish but greatest victories of my life to date. If you feel that you can't cope the tip contained here will help you through the dark days.
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