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Can sinusitis affect your vision?

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Sinusitis and vision

Can sinusitis affect your vision? I had my eyes checked this week and they said they had not changed enough to justify new lens but I do not have as clear vision as I did. I also have to wear magnifying glasses to read or use the computer now.

Any suggestions are welcome.

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replied September 3rd, 2011
hi there, i've had sinus problems for a number of years and my main syptom is pain and pressure on my eye resulting in vision problems. So yes, it can affect your vision although whether the health 'professionals' will agree, I don't know..
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replied September 6th, 2011
I've also had chronic sinus symptoms, which have affected my vision. Like both of you, I had pain and pressure, which made me experience blurred vision. I spoke to numerous experts about this, and had tests done, and the consensus seemed to be that my vision was unchanged, according to objective metrics. I think this quite likely implies that the eye's visual acuity remains perfectly fine, but the fluid pressure affects the visual signal elsewhere -- for instance by putting pressure on optic nerves carrying the image to the brain.

At any rate, I've found that through frequent nasal irrigation, at first with a simple solution and now with Sinox (to much greater effect), I can do a decent job of managing my sinus comfort. Stress relief techniques can also help. The overall result is that I feel and see a lot better.

You might try nasal sprays and other options, to discover what works best for you!
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