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Can severe central spinal stenosis mimic MS symptoms?

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Like everyone else, my story is a long one so I will try to keep it short. My doctor's have been trying to find a root cause to all my symptoms. MRI of spine showed a 6th vertabrae, severe central spinal stenosis with epidural lipomatosis along with nerve root compression. Some of my symptoms have been getting progressively worse in the past 2 years & some symptoms seem to come & go in no certain pattern. Had a D.O. suggest that there is a high possibility that I have MS even though there are no lesions on the spine - she came to that conclusion because MS runs on both sides of my family with the closest relative being a first cousin. So now I am off to another neuro. Symptoms include but not limited to: migraines, vision changes, severe lower back pain that radiates thru rest of body, joint & muscle pain (avg 8.5 out of 10), muscle weakness, tingling/numbness in extremeties, facial tingling/numbness, muted sensations, an unexplained lacy webbed like pattern on my lower back, painful lumps in lower back, fatigue/insomnia, arms/legs feel heavy, difficulty walking ... just to name a few. Latest rounds of blood work showed SED rate normal, ANA is normal, B12 normal, etc. So my question is, can the central spinal stenosis mimic MS? Can you have MS with no lesions & normal blood work? Thanks!!
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