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Can Per-cum get you pregnant???

My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex for three days and it so happened to be the days before I started ovulating. He has been very good about pulling out before he ejaculates but I was wondering can his per-ejaculate contain sperm and what is the likelihood of me getting pregnant if it does??
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replied December 23rd, 2011
Especially eHealthy

Pre-ejaculate does contain sperm, but not very much. Though it only takes one sperm to actually fertilize the egg, it does take a lot more than that (millions) to actually break down the corona around the egg.

So, the chances of getting pregnant from pre-ejaculate itself is pretty small. However, the withdrawal method is not a very good one for birth control. It is not really possible to tell how much fluid is actually transferred.

Again, there is a small amount of sperm in the pre-ejaculate, exactly how much, you can't really tell.

Good luck.
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replied December 25th, 2011
Thanks for the help! That give me peace of mind!!
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