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Can osteochondroma appear on chest?

My 16 year old daughter has a possible diagnosis of osteochondroma on her chest coming off one of her ribs. She has no history of osteochondromas in the past. The lump showed up, painless, in the last several months, I would say under a year. Now the lump is causing her discomfort ocassionally. They have done two sets of xrays but they prove insufficient as the lump is blocked in the xrays by arteries and heart etc. We have completed blood work this morning and are waiting to hear from the pediatrician about what the best diagnostic test would be to correctly support the diagnosis. The pediatrician, who was young, called in an older pediatrician who has had much more experience and he immediately called it an exostosis, even though he said he has never heard of one on the ribs. He called it fascinating. The original pediatrician spent some time googling exostosis to give me more information before I left, but she couldn't quickly find anything.

I am on an information hunt. Realizing that though doctors should be respected, they are hunting for information too, they just have better resources. I just want as much information as possible.

Questions I have:

1- what is the difference between osteochondroma and osteosarcoma? I mean what allows us to know for sure which one is which?

2- can an osteochondroma turn into an osteosarcoma later in life? Is it better to have it removed as opposed to leaving it?

3- is the fact that this is on her ribcage in her chest area more dangerous?

Thanks for any help you can give.
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