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can my gf get pregnant from grinding is shes a virgin and didnt

ok this must have been asked about 1000 times here, but anyways heres the story

>gf is virgin, never been penetrated, can barely fit a finger
>i fingered her and then we did some grinding/rubbing, mainly the shaft, i didnt feel any precum
>feel like cuming, she was rubbing me with her ass so my dick was between her cheeks, told her to get off and came in some tissues, wiped my dick and hands
>might have fingered her a bit more cant recall
>DIDNT do anything for 2-3 hours, went to her place, did some more rubbing( with a condom this time) i rubbed the top arround her vag, then ate her pussy, took condom off, she gave me head( had braces) then we kissed, ate her pussy again and kissed
>this was couple days ago, today she showed me she had some white puss in her vagina, is that because she masturbated?
> also she 16 and im 20 help!!
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replied October 14th, 2018
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First off, being a virgin is no protection. Where a finger can go in, so can sperm. Rubbing and grinding between her lips does beg the question did any sperm get loose without you realizing.

The mucus she showed you could be a natural product, the result of sexual stimulation or natural mucus. As long as it doesn't itch or smell bad it's probably nothing to worry about. Good personal hygiene is always advocated in these situations.

Do you know that a woman is most fertile half way between the start of one period and the next, least fertile in the week before her next period. Keep that in mind!
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