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Can Maxillary sinus cysts cause deterioration of eye?

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I was having pain in left temporal region from almost a decade. Prior to this my eye sight of left eye was slightly weak whereas the right eye vision was perfect. Hair growth on left side of forehead region is comparitively low as compared to the right side.
The temporal pain persists and pain killers dont help. Later on I noticed slight HYPERTOPIA (upward deviation of eye). With the passage of time the left eye developed mild PTOSIS (drooping of eye lid) also.
Then I noticed ENOPTHALMOS (under-eye hollowness) in left eye. Moreover I observed slight HETROCHROMIA (change in iris colour) also. All these symptoms are increasing with time.
Now I am observing similar symptoms on right side also but lesser as compared to the left side.
Now the right tempral region also hurts and having pain, slight ptosis and enopthalmos is visible in right eye also.
I went to opthalmologist and after few tests they diagnosed that its Horner's syndrome. Both opthalmologist and neurologist asked me to get my MRI of brain done. MRI report revealed "BILATERAL MUCUS RETENTION CYSTS IN MAXILLARY SINUSES WHICH IS LARGER ON LEFT SIDE." They referred me to ENT. I went to ENT and they said these cysts have nothing to do with the deterioration of eye, or eyesight and even temporal pain. They said it might be Temporal Arteritis which is causing the pain.
I want to know what is causing the pain in temples and deterioration of eye? Is it the maxillary cyst which is causing all this?
Is there any linkage between the sinus cysts and the pain and deteroration of left eye??
And if its Temporal Arteritis, so does temporal Arteritis can cause PTOSIS, HYPERTOPIA, and ENOPTHALMOS??
Kindly answer.
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replied April 4th, 2013
I do have a maxillary sinus cyst
Hello, i have been having the some problem, i do have a maxillary sinus cyst with the some symptoms that you have,have you been able to fix this problem?
I am seeing a specialist tomorrow, i want to take this cyst out, and be done with it, please let me know if you are getting better, thanks, Emil
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