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can lithium cause insomnia?

so i have bipolar disorder. ive been on many different meds. i was recently put on lithium about two weeks ago. i have some of the side effects but one that is not listed and im curious about is insomnia. for approximately the past week and a half i have pulled all nighters and continued throughout the day without even getting tired about 6 or 7 times now. right now im going on 42 hrs with absolutely no sleep, my body is exhausted but my brain says keep going.. like im on speed or something. its just "GO GO GO!" i have periods where i get sleepy and lay down but i can never fall asleep. i'm wondering if it's because of the new medication or what? b/c i really cant think of anything else it would be. nothing has changed as far as eating, drinking, or the amount of cigarettes i smoke. not one thing has changed. i have been a bit worried about a few things but it's nothing bad to be worried about. more like happiness or excitement.
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replied May 22nd, 2011
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Hi jewels420....Both worry and the new medication could be playing with your mind...It seems the more mindful you are of not sleeping, the harder it is to fall asleep...Why not cut down on the cigarettes and calm yourself down...Hope this helps...Take care...

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