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Can I marry a Girl who had Mentally retarded brother?

I have a nephew (My Elder brother's only son) with Autism disability has speech problem. I'm already 34 & now planning to get married & whole family worrying whether I too have a similar child. We attended a Genetic counselling in chennai & provided blood samples of my nephew & mine for chromosome test investigation. His result was good without any issues, but whereas slight variation in my result. So they want to further investigate my parent’s blood & it is in progress.
Now coming to the point, after waiting for long time for my marriage, now I found a girl in matrimonial site & found most of the things are suitable including Blood Rh type. But when we tried to move further almost finalizing stage, we come to know that she had an elder brother who expired due to illness of hole in his heart with Mentally retarded also at the age of 20 when she is 18.
Is it advisable to marry that girl? Does she have possibility to bear similar child? Does she have any genetic issues?
Already I have small issues but Doctor said it can be overcome. Is it advisable to marry similar Girl who may have issue? I really don't know that how can I invite her for a Genetic counselling.

Expecting your guidance.
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replied January 8th, 2014
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It depends whether her brother had an hereditary condition or his problems were due to pregnancy, birth or early care deficiencies?

What you are doing is gambling.
Even after studying form and taking into consideration the past performance of the horses in the race, the firmness of the track and all the other things that could be predicted to affect the final outcome of a race all any gambler does is change the odds very slightly in his favour.

The absolute proof that for most people most of the time studying form is a waste of time is the owners of gambling houses become rich while the majority of gamblers become poorer. Even those gamblers who win more frequently than the others rarely can count winning as profit; merely winning is a way of losing less often.
Those gamblers who can live solely from the fruits of their trade are very few indeed...

Genetic counselling will not be able to guarantee you and whatever brood-mare you choose to marry will produce a defect-free child and nor will genetic counselling be able to do any more than shift the odds a tiny amount in your favour by predicting the effect the fixed aspects of the situation might have on the outcome of the race. There is still the unpredictable variables to contend with that affects all forms of gambling, not the least of which can be as intangible as whether the midwife delivering your child had an argument with her husband recently or whether the cleaner of the delivery suite had carried her duties out perfectly and what viruses and bacteria are encountered during pregnancy.

It is your money and you are free to spend it as you wish but please do not place too much importance on the very infant science of genetic counselling, It is not a free service designed to operate entirely for altruistic motives but instead is driven by the profit motive. The results cannot be proved to offer value and as such it is merely another gambling house.

As to who you should marry; You are choosing a soul-mate or a life partner and not a brood mare. While love is not necessary in a marriage, along with mutual respect, friendship and common interests it is a desirable important consideration when selecting a woman to be your mistress, housekeeper, nurse, confidante and the rest of the fifty or so people a good wife is to a man.

I suggest you marry the woman who you can make happy and who can make you happy...
Mother nature will mostly ensure you have the offspring you deserve.

It must be noted that evolution would not have happened if it wasn't for genetic "accidents". Trying to remove the element of chance from procreation is a type of Nazism.

Nazism is something deplored by all except Nazis.
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