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can i have made the pill inactive?

I am a 21year old female and I have been on the same pill since I was 19. The gynocologyst that proscribed me this pill said I did not need to have a week off for menstration so in this whole time I have not. I am sexually active and my partner and I am using the pill as my main form of contraceptive, I have recently been told by someone that I may have made the pill inactive as a contraceptive by not have a cycle and am just wondering how true this is? I am extremely nervous as I am in no position for precnancy.
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replied June 26th, 2012
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No, it is not true at all. For the pill to work, you have to have a certain level of the hormones in your body. Taking it continuously does not alter that.

Do you at least take a break once every 3 or 6 months? Continuous use for periods longer than 12 months has not really been studied. It is likely fine, but we just do not know at the moment.

Take care!
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