im 19 and my bf is 24, i am still a virgin as im waiting till i get married before sex. My boyfriend and i fingered eachother one night, he came but no where near my vagina (we made sure), he then touched the semen with his fingers and then wiped is hand and fingers with a towel, he then touched the outside of my vagina, he didnt go in, can i get pregnant from this?
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replied January 2nd, 2013
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replied January 3rd, 2013
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As 16andpregnant stated, you cannot get pregnant from this type of activity.

You will still hear stories, and even read on "official" website, that you can get pregnant from fingering if the man has some semen on his fingers, or if the penis brushes past the vagina, but these are not true.

These stories were made up decades ago, when it was thought that it only took one lucky sperm to cause pregnancy. It is not known that this is not true. It actually takes hundreds of millions of sperm to get the job done.

This is why a man is considered functionally sterile if his sperm count drops below 20 million sperm per cc.

Thus, unless a man ejaculates deep into the vagina, it is not possible for the woman to become pregnant.

As for sperm on the outside of the woman’s genitals causing pregnancy, it is not possible. First, sperm are not very hardy, they die very quickly outside of the body (within minutes).

Then, it would take millions of sperm surviving long enough to find the woman’s vagina, then swimming all the way up the vaginal to find the cervix and penetrate it. Once inside the uterus they would have to travel all the way across the uterus to find the Fallopian tubes. Since a woman’s egg only comes down one tube a month, the sperm would have to select the correct tube (a 50-50 chance). So, half of the sperm go up the incorrect tube. Then the sperm have to travel up the Fallopian tube to meet up with the egg, if an egg is even present. The woman would have to ovulated within the past couple of days, as the egg only lives for a few days also.

Also, even though only one sperm actually fertilizes the egg, it actually takes thousands of sperm all releasing enzymes to break down the barrier around the egg (the corona radiata). All of these sperm are needed to break down this barrier so that the one sperm can finally get through.

So, as you can see, there is just no way that just a few sperm can actually get the job done. Again, these stories you hear about were made up decades ago when it was thought that it only took one lucky sperm finding its way to the egg to cause pregnancy. This is now known to be false. But, for some reason the myths perpetuate. Probably to try to scare young people from having premarital sex and also to use contraception. Which is actually a good idea.

So, you are safe, there is no way that you can get pregnant from that activity.

Good luck.
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