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"Can I buy you some chicken and take you to church."

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So, during my "psychosis" (haunting), I wound up trekking across the country until I found my way to memphis, on the bus of course.

So, Im sitting in the station with the spirits and they clue me in to the rest of my life and what its going to be, they convince me to throw away my ticket and go die somewhere in the city. Turned out at this point that they were right but thats a different story, I should have.

So Im walking in the city, saw a ghost, had the metaphors going on from the ghosts, all the while they told me of where I was and what was to happen, some mean bass tard of a ghost followed me around awhile saying he was going to get me, just could hear him in the crowd yelling at me, wouldn't go away either, didn't matter where I went either.

So, anyway, couple of days had passed, oddly enough it went from freezing temperatures to comfortably warm during my time there, that was lucky enough right?

So, I end up pacing up and down this road, and this guy shows up, he buys me some chicken and asks if I would like to go to church, of course I didn't go, although the reason why was the ghosts telling me what it was, anyway, we go for a ride across the bridge and he says "i run over ghosts." Portraying the fact that he has power over them, I don't know or care why he said that really.

But that is sort of an odd happening wouldn't you say, some guy just seemingly showing up, buying me dinner, and knowing what was happening to me. I wasn't aware that some people knew really.

I can't say that he gave me a good feeling. Gotta wonder how he made his money.
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