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can i be pregnant if he did not come inside me

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hi , i was just wondering , i am a mother of two already and i am 30 years old , i am having regular unprotected sex, but he does not come inside me , i know there is a chance i cold get pregnant this way , but i am jst wondering what the chances are , i had sex all around my ovulation date ,but he didnt come inside me at al, can u get pregnant even if he does not come , thanks
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replied May 28th, 2012
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If there is no semen, there is no sperm. He should pee after ejaculation and before he penetrates you again to remove live sperm from his urethra and keep his pre-cum clean.

Pull out is very unreliable in young couples, but at 30 your partner and you should have enough control to make it work. Guard against trying to get him very close to orgasm before pulling out. It is normally pretty clear when he gets close. Learn to read his body language, sounds and movements when he is about to ejaculate, and watch out for it during intercourse.

Avoid sex under the influence of alcohol.

Keep a dose or two of emergency contraceptives handy (Plan B/Ella/...) so that you can take it immediately if there is a problem.

Of course, like always, if it will be a problem if you get pregnant, find some other form of birth control/protection.

There are also safer times and less safe times in your cycle. If your cycles are in the 28 day range, ten days before your period, during your period up to about day 9 is safer than the other days.

Best of luck!
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