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Can hypnosis remove excess weight?

Weight loss and hypnosis - an alternative approach
Food can be delicious and don’t we just love to eat, but trouble is: food will often make us fat. The more food you eat, the more the calories you ingest leading to excess weight which is inimical to good health. Trying to find a solution to weight loss should start with trying to find out what makes us gain weight in the first place. Why is it that some people while eating anything they like, can maintain that perfect shape, while all some have to do is smell food and literally add the weight?
Pills for weight loss abound, but truth be told, they are not entirely without their negative effects; you lose the weight but very soon gain it back. Whatever solution you employ should be able to stand the test of time; be for the long term and obviously sustainable.
Alternative treatments for effective weight loss are not as common - but they are known to produce results. (There are a number of choices offered by health and fitness experts). However, what seems to be the major issue for many problematic people seeking weight loss is that although the urge to begin is there, keeping the momentum is the problem. Along the way, they indulge in junk food or stop exercising. It’s easy to start and succeed at the beginning but as said earlier sustaining it can prove very difficult. And unluckily, you have to eat every day except when you fast which can only be for some time - and that is even if you do fast.
So for those going into a fat scheme, the question is, “what is the appropriate solution?”
The standard regimen for weight loss is exercise, cutting down on calories and resisting temptation and so on. Yes, all these work but some people just don’t achieve the result they’re looking for.
One more alternative treatment to try is hypnotherapy. With hypnotherapy, you are kept under a hypnotic trance making your brain highly receptive to suggestions of the therapist. This power of hypnosis makes you react to things through suggestions that could be about a particular aspect of weight loss, for example, eating habits, exercise, frame of mind, and so on. NOTE that hypnosis should be administered by a trained and experienced certified professional.
In addition, the suggestions remain for quite some time and thereby become a habit; hence you simply replace negative habits with positive and desirable ones. Not only that, but hypnotherapy is safe since it does not advocate the use of any drugs.
There are a number of hypnotic centers offering weight loss hypnosis programs online, and they give the assurance of fast weight loss which means you easily have one more treatment to try. Search carefully for which one is suitable for you, and don’t be afraid to take the plunge this might just be what will give you that perfect body.
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replied January 27th, 2015
Hypnosis works on your thoughts and beliefs. So I think, yes it helps in weight loss indirectly.
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