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can gaining weight 2 kgs a week be a bad thing?

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Lately I have been under weight.I have started gaining weight sensibly.What I would like to know is can gaining weight 2 kgs a week be a bad thing? Is it gaining weight too fast? What signs do I need to look for if my weight gain is too quick?

I have ocd and cfs so tend to over worry at times.And,lately my life has been a bit stressful due to financial problems and dealing with ocd.

Any advice would greatly be appreciated.
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replied February 4th, 2013
Gaining 2 kilos per week is going to result in significant amounts of body fat. You're going to want to begin exercising and aim for no more than 1 pound per week in order to gain muscle weight and minimize body fat.
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replied October 1st, 2013
I don't think you should gain weight too quickly, try this recipe instead?

- breakfast half the calories (~ 1600 calories)
- lunch 3/4 calories (~ 1300 calories)
- dinner 3/4 calories (~ 1300 calories)

100 gm bread is approx 289 cal

7:30 am: 1200 skips, 1100 crunches
8:00 am: 1 indomie noodle and 1 apple
3:00pm: 2 moi moi wraps and stew
4:30 pm: 1250 crunches
6:00pm: 1 cup of beans and one apple

Also do some exercise to keep you being healthy! Good luck...
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