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Can dried precum get you pregnant?

Hi, I'm a 20 year old college student. My boyfriend and I were hanging out when he decided to reach down my pants and finger me. After he did, I gave him a handjob but we had stopped before he came. I might have gotten precum on my hands, so let's just say I did. 15 minutes later, after touching multiple things like clothing, the couch, and my drink, I went to the bathroom and wiped. Could I be pregnant?
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replied December 3rd, 2015
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No, No way.

Please be careful when you play!
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replied December 4th, 2015
I haven't gotten my period yet, but I have been stressing to the max the past few days. So I think that is the cause of the delayed period. I am taking a test tomorrow for sure. What do you think the outcome will be?
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