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Can blood and urine tests rule out brain tumors?

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Recently I have been relitivaly worried regarding my health, I have developed daily headaches and believe I may have a brain tumor but this time I have no injury to relate to my headaches which I did last year. I've seen my doctor and he has sent me for blood work and urine tests and they never called me so as far a know nothing appreared serious enough for them to call me? My question to you is does blood work and urine tell enough to doctors to rule out a brain tumor ? do you think its possible i have one? im extremly scared. I keep looking up symptoms and the only one I have is the headaches ( dull achy ones on the temples of my head and sometimes right at the base of my skull, they dont get worse with activity there sort of come and go at various points in the day, but the more I think about it the more symptoms my body tries to make me believe i have, but I have developed watery itchy eyes, and I really notice it more when im staring at my tv or computer screen.

Please help me

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